Blocks ahead
There’s a way through

This here’s a (very bad) piku. It’s a bit like a haiku, but shorter. It’s based on the first three numbers of pi, 314. So it has eight syllables, three in line one, one in line two and four in line three.

So this is
First piku go

The second piku is actually worse than the first. For starters, it’s my second piku, not the first as is suggested. And as I wrote it, I had a nagging feeling that I’ve written in this form before, so as well as being awful and wrong, it could also be untrue.

However, as I said in my first piku (the first above, not the possibly untrue one) this is what could be considered a block, and I’m finding a way through it.

13 thoughts

  1. Interesting idea….Is this a real thing or a special TL mansion thing? Glad there’s a way through ahead Yay!

    Simplify your life
    peace will be found….
    Have a happy weekend ahead TL…VK 🙂

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  2. Tom, thanks for reminding me that I have a list of these tiny forms, like piku, filed away! You did a great job, and I’ll try to crank some out during the midnight poet’s shift 🙂

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