Benny Gravell decided to walk after the heavy downpour, even though much of the ground was soggy. He’d finally made up his mind to visit a part of town he’d never been to before, the Far Side.

He reached his destination in quick time considering the marshy, boggy and swampy conditions he had to trudge through, although his hide foot coverings protected him from most of the mud.

The cave he wanted to visit was ahead of him – he could see the name of the place etched in stone above the entrance The Six Sentence Café and Bistro – and could hear the club band already playing from inside; standing in the doorway, waiting, was his wife, her dark hair a stark contrast to her white leopard spot dress and matching stone necklace.

“I saw you walking across the bog,” Bonnie smiled as he approached her, “you should’ve walked around the edge like I did, there are lots of stepping stones that way!”

“So, is that them I can hear,” Benny asked, his wife nodding enthusiastically, “imagine… Strike the Dinosaur playing here, of all places!”

A nip back in time for my second post for Six Sentence Stories, where the prompt word this week is ‘Strike’.

29 thoughts

    1. Hehehe! The Club Band… yes! 🤣
      Thanks, Sue. As for the smile… I’m growing restless with it again and can feel another change coming on, I’m sure I’ll settle on a more permanent one soon! 🙂


    1. No, there’s steps inside which lead to a higher part of the cave, Frank. Mind you, I don’t think the cast would have been particularly bothered if it was flooded! 🙂

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  1. “Those successful in finding the Bistro travel all walks of life, culture, ages and gender identification. (Prologue to ‘Tales from the Six Sentence Café & Bistro’)
    (Trying to remember the lyrics to the theme song, rather than google them. This approach is not without a cost, to elbow out limited space for things like ‘Working today,’ ‘Remembering information that directly affects livelihood’)

    Hey! I saw you on the roof of the Café, you were with the tall, thin man and the Sophomore but then stuff happened and everyone went into find-the-most-engaging-narrative mode.

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            1. I know… I know… I know! 🔥 🥵 🔥
              I’ve found a cool place in the Mansion, but I don’t think it’s cool really…! 😳😱


              1. You mean in the freezer?🙃🥶😉The one in the Mansion Kitchen by the door 🚪 to the solar storm in the microwave? The Freezer of 1000 Frozen Pillers that acts as the turning point for the axis of the Earth 🌎 and leads into the Fridge of 1000 worlds? (The manual explaining how to control the fridge temperature 🌡 for these 1000 different worlds it’s harbouring on its shelves can be located between the meridian line that runs through the bread 🍞 bin, and the ley lines in the kettle and the coffee maker…oh and some run through the toaster situated amongst the handtowels by the washing machine – that contains M51 – The Whirlpool Galaxy which itself contains a black ⚫️ hole in its centre😊It, M51, that is, also gets a mention, albeit a very tiny one, in my next blog post…😉😅)
                Yes…yes…I think you’ve found a pretty cool place🤣

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