Onward we stride forth
Beneath Nature’s canopy,
Pausing when paths cross

We pause when paths cross
As we walk on our journeys
Using Nature’s guide.

Nature guides the way,
Guiding us to pause at times;
‘Though onward we go

Posted in response for Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt, Intertwined.

Eugenia chose the image from IngeGG at Pixabay.

24 thoughts

        1. I haven’t really, Ladysighs… 3 lines, 5 syllables (1), 7 syllables (2), 5 syllables (3), with a nod to nature; no title and no capital letters at the beginning, and they’re meant to flow, like the feeling, or a breath.
          I just go for the syllables and fit the words in! 🤣 It helps, though, if you’re describing a picture!

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          1. Thanks! That is a help. I think I have read too many false haiku …. with only the counting of syllables – no nature …. and I did not want to just fulfill that part. (yours does fit the bill)

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            1. Only just, mind… if we overlook the capitals and two of the three haiku. I just had to check the plural to haiku (it’s haiku) and briefly read that in English, haiku can be about any topic, whereas traditional Japanese haiku look at natural subjects… so a false haiku is still a haiku! 🙂

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  1. A lovely tribute to nature, Tom! I moved my blog from Blue Host back to WordPress.com so you will be seeing my posts in the reader. I don’t see your first comment but it seems there is something going on with commenting. WordPress.com just released their newest version plus they were doing maintenance this morning and my comments wouldn’t go through. Hopefully, the comment issue is just a glitch. Thank you for joining in.

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    1. Thanks, Eugenia. 🙂
      It’s weird about the comments; I’ve just had a totally different one when I replied to Sue in another post, the comment seemed to submit, but stayed on the screen, and when I clicked submit again I was told it had been submitted! I closed the app down (I’m still on the mobile 😊) and reopened it, and it now seems OK.
      No idea where my first comment and pingback went… they’ll probably turn up one day!
      Sorry for missing your posts… 🙂

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      1. Hopefully, the comment issues will be resolved soon if not already. You don’t need to be sorry about missing my posts. Seems Blue Host doesn’t offer the reach like WordPress.com. I lost lot of followers but since the move back to WordPress.com, I am gaining new followers.

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  2. I like to stop for a pause more and more nowadays Tom!!
    I also have wisteria growing in the garden. It’s beautiful but it tries to take over the world!! The direct German translation it blue rain. Isn’t that nice?

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  3. Had a lovely little pause last night🌙 when nature showed me just what it could do when it got to work on a blocked kitchen drain…it showed me a worrying variety of slimy wildlife living in the sewage water…how it all smells in there when nature gets to work on it…the quality of the grey and black slime blocking the grid part…and nature’s power and strength 💪 when washing gunky black gutter waste into the pipe to block that too…what nature had done with what I fished out of the end part most definitely gave pause for thought!!👻🤯😆

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