Legend has it they exist.

They’ve always existed in some place or other, scattered throughout the universe; displaced throughout time; according to folklore.

Wolves, like the Grey Wolves of Earth – similar yet totally different – thrive, sometimes in large numbers, other times only small groups, on moons, planetoids, planets and other bodies throughout the Solar System.

This series is a study of these lupine creatures and their characteristics; their family groups; their leadership battles; and looks at how they made their way to the stars.

In this series, we shall meet the Icewolves of Europa; the Firewolves of Io; the Winged Wolves of Wild; the Blackwolves of Mars; the water-dwelling Glacierwolves of Ganymede; and finally the Microwolves of Varuna.

The first in the series, the Icewolves of Europa, is coming soon, but for now, a quick look at one of these other-worldly companions to the stars of ours:

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  1. How cool Tom! Fantastic pic’ you have there and such a strong and powerful look to it too. Really looking forward to hearing about all these galactic star wolves, and I love the sound of your additional wolves – “…the water-dwelling Glacierwolves of Ganymede; and finally the Microwolves of Varuna.” Awesome!

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