I climb the hill
Feel the breeze
Hear the flowing water from the waterfall behind me
I turn around
I see the view
Green fields
Babbling brooks
With rocks that makes the water dance over them
I lie back on the soft grass
And look up to the clouds
Through the clouds
Through the blue
Through the deep blue
Through the deepest blue
Out into the edge of space
I float upwards; outwards
Gently, slowly
To the vast openness ahead of me
And look out
In awe
In wonder
In amazement
I look on through the darkness
Through the starlight
Through the dust fields and nebula
I see stars being born
Colours swirling with each other
Dancing with each other
Like the water over the rocks, they flow
They grow
They glow
Mixing colours, blending colours, becoming new colours
As I watch
I slowly bring my attention back to myself
As I float
My mind as free as my body
Open to all new things
All new possibilities
All new ideas
Inspired, I turn
I look back to where I’ve come from
The hillside by the waterfall
The moment time stood still
The moment I connected with everything
I close my eyes
I feel the breeze
I hear the music from the water
I breathe
Deeply, I breathe
For deeply, I know
In this moment this is my reality

10 thoughts

        1. Why not? Just sit or lie back, and let the music transport you to a distant place… remember to try to remember what you’re thinking, mind! 😊


  1. Okay….Very pretty scene and a fantastic reality to be standing in but just one thing….where is the waterfall??? lol. I’m just giving you a hard time TL….Actually the scene you described sounds incredibly peaceful. Enjoy! VK

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries, VK, the waterfall is just over the hill… and there’s another one back there. 🙂
      And thanks… it’s just another peaceful escape!


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