For Six Sentence Stories; the theme word is ‘Match’.

“Turnips shouldn’t be blue…” Alice laughed as Godfrey finally found what he’d spent had felt like hours looking for – yet another disappointment after the four red onions all came up orange and the two carrots a dull shade of yucky green/brown – “…but at least they’re better than last year’s crop.”

Godfrey took the basket that Alice had offered him, throwing the blue turnip in with the sparse collection of other mis-coloured vegetables, and sighed, “I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong – they’re well watered, fed, good sunlight, and I even talk to them – I’m just not green-fingered any more, that’s all there is to it.”

“But you had that one bumper crop last year,” Alice said cheerfully, “we were eating those sprouts for months!”

“Yes, purple sprouts… not green as they should be; there has to be something in the soil – it can’t be me…” he thought back to the plant food he’d bought in bulk a few years ago that he fed regularly to his plants – his flowers were always vibrantly colourful, and his vegetables used to be second to none – Rainbow Harvest.

His cheeks burned pink as he ran to his shed on the allotment and retrieved the plant food container he’d opened last year from the cupboard beneath the window, and read the small print: for flowers only. He then looked again at the name of the plant food, Rainbow Bloom; his cheeks turned red with rage when he remembered returning one damaged container back to the shelf in the garden centre and picking up the next container to it, thinking at the time it was a match, just different packaging.

24 thoughts

  1. You know th as t carrots do come in rainbow colors for real, right?
    I really liked this, the idea of the happy accident that leads to seeing the garden in a whole new way. Bravo!

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    1. I know that now, Liz… I’m only familiar with the orange ones, and the purple ones are kind of pushing it a little… but I’ve just had my eyes opened to the red, yellow and white ones! You learn something new every day! 😀
      And yes, this happy accident kind of worked… it could easily not have!

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        1. Exactly! (My apologies, Liz, this comment had somehow became embedded within the confines of my spam folder… but worry not! I rescued it! 🙄😊)

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  2. How frustrating and thoroughly mystifying. At least he uncovered the reason for his varietal vegetables! There are just some things you shouldn’t mess with; the color of vegetables is one of those things 🙂

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  3. Fun six, Tom! Liz is right though, you can get carrots in purple, red and yellow (even here), you can also get purple runner beans, although rather disappointingly they turn green when you cook them. Check out Tesco’s Rainbow Carrots!

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    1. I’m in Tesco all the time! I shall have to look for these rainbow carrots! And rainbow other vegetables to boot – they’ll make eating more interesting… as long as they don’t cook green, that is! Thanks, Chris!

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