I must have a million and one photos featuring either ducks or geese or ducks and geese! They don’t mind being photographed, though, which is a good thing; even if they’re doing whatever this duck’s doing. I’m presuming he’s sleeping, although he is emanating quite a few ripples. Maybe he’s having one of those running dreams, and his legs are going ten to the dozen beneath the surface – although we can see one leg out to the side there – he could be doing duck yoga. He may be itching one of those hard to reach places. Perhaps he thinks he’s an ostrich and is hiding, replacing sand with tail feathers and making himself look like the bulls eye. Or he could just be having a quick discreet preen – it isn’t as though he’s drawing attention to himself.

Posted for Becky’s Odd Squares.

15 thoughts

    1. I have to admit to trying it once or twice, Joy, but that was before I knew any. Which thinking about it sounds appalling. I couldn’t eat duck now… and I agree with you one hundred percent, they are beautiful creatures.


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