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    1. I too enjoy Hallowe’en, Eugenia, the last two years have been slightly different, but maybe next year will be a longer one…! I also usually celebrate a Mini-Halloween around Valentines in February! 😊

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    1. Pumpkins don’t seem to be very popular here, apart from around Hallowe’en, Beverly. We don’t do Thanksgiving, and only recently have we become embroiled in the Black Friday nonsense. I’ve just read that the Welsh term for it, when translated back into English, is Silly Shopping Friday… 🙂

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        1. No pumpkin pie. I’m not actually sure what happens to the pumpkin after it’s been carved… I suppose some folk eat it, although it’s something I’ve never had. That said, I haven’t carved a pumpkin either… 😊

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            1. Now apple pie… there’s something!
              (I haven’t had pecan pie either.) (And for some reason, I thought pecan was a bird; ‘though I’ve probably mixed it up with pelican and toucan! 😊)

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