Firstly, my Internet Security program is doing the oddest of things today, making me count the seconds (minutes, even!) for each other program to open. Sigh. Ah well.

It’s a good thing that Debbie’s word for One Word Sunday this week is Count. How apt.

Now, you can usually count on me to try to come up with something obscure yet related by the flimsiest of links to the word of the week, but not today. Today I’m posting things that can be counted.

For instance, Squares. Squares can be counted. It also happens to be #TreeSquares at Becky’s this month, so I’m posting a few squares today. Obviously featuring trees, and things in them / by them / under them / off them that can be counted.

1. Leaves

2. Branches

3. Colours

4. Circles

5. Geese

6. Crows

Visit the links above for more takes on this week’s / month’s theme(s).

EDIT. For some reason the count went wrong for these photos, so apologies if you viewed the post where they were all numbered 1. In my original version, they were numbered correctly 1 – 6, and hopefully they should be now as well. You can certainly count on technology at times to make you look like a right eejit. Sigh. Got there in the end, though…

17 thoughts

  1. Ah, your trees, Tom, so restful, the rather pleasing geese are too. Unlike the security thingy. Is that mcafee which keeps poking its unwanted nose in all the time. I wish I could rid myself of it. Do you of a way? I’m quite happy to rely on Defender. sigh

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    1. We could always do with anything that gives us a restful moment, Chris! Especially with technology.
      I use Norton myself, which is generally OK until it goes off on one and grinds everything to a halt. No idea what it was doing this morning however, but it required a restart after implementing a fix that it needed to see was successful or not 🙄.
      If it plays up, I either use task manager to end the task… it stops after a few times!… or go into the settings in my ‘console’ and turn off the background checks temporarily.
      I’m not sure if McAfee works in a similar way. It’s a kind of a necessary evil in this day and age. Can’t live with it and can’t live without it! 🙄🙄🙂

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        1. I also stop the Windows updates as well, until the very latest date they allow the pause to reach… those pesky updates slow things down.
          There is one further thing you can check, in Task Manager, called SysMain (this used to be known as Superfetch), this is ‘intended’ to speed things up but did entirely the opposite for me. It can be disabled, which is what I’ve done, but every now and then the other culprits crop up and ruin the perfectly good flow.
          The process for disabling is quite easy, just find it in ‘services (local)’ and double-click (or right-click) and the disable option should be there (search Sysmain (or Superfetch) online if you need further details, that’s what I did when Task Manager showed it was using a lot of processes).
          Of course, there could be other things causing the go slow, but these are my main three! 🙂


    1. Would I do that, Becky? No… the test comes at the end of the month! 🤣
      Good that you’re seeing the numbers correctly… took me ages to get them in order! 🙄🙂😁

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  2. If there’s one thing we can all count on is technology letting us down or holding us up periodically. That being said, I’m glad you soldiered on and shared these lovely photos. You were out for the count but came back strong.


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  3. Counting….hmm….I’m counting the minutes and the raindrops today….how many minutes before they start penetrating my ceiling above my bed and how many drops there will be splashing down! Currently I’m counting the inches of the spread of the damp patch that is slowly spreading in advance of the dripping💧💧💧🙄

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