Bit of an odd one, this, on reflection. Two photo challenges which only really become apparent by peering into the depths of the still waters of the Lake.

First off, is today’s response for Becky’s #TreeSquares. The reflections of the trees can be clearly seen at the top of the picture and also bottom left… and yes, there’s a slight tree overhang top left!

But, bring your eyes back to the reflection of the trees bottom left. Follow them round from the overhang to where they stop. Do you see what I see? There. Reaching out into the waters? A bony hand, outstretched, perhaps trying to grab something beneath those submerged leaves.

There’s handy… for Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Handy’.

Visit both links for more takes on the theme – they both open in separate windows.

19 thoughts

    1. No worries, Debbie. You know me, I very often go out on an outstretched limb with some of these photos! Becky told me to have words with my imagination the other day; it didn’t help!
      Cuticle indeed! 😀


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