For One Word Sunday this week, Debbie has chosen the word ‘Rural’.

And for my take on the theme, I’ve taken a rural pathway from an earlier season in an earlier year. This was the Cheshire countryside, late Winter early Spring, several years ago. It’s nice as we all walk forward through life to look back every now and then. Where we were then and where we are now… in some ways exactly the same, and in others completely different.

Visit Debbie’s site for more takes on the theme.

26 thoughts

          1. It’s sort of relaxing but not in a bad way. I’ll be watching our church service soon and then getting ready for my parents to come over for dinner for Father’s Day. Right now I’m watering our poor plants that are certainly no happier with the high temperatures and no rain than we are, which means moving the hose every 20 minutes as the drip system in our rental house is broken. But a nice morning so far nonetheless (and I’m only 2 1/2 hours in.)

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                    1. Happy doesn’t have much to do with it. Where we live now averages 9″ of rain per year and since we moved in March of 2020, there’s been virtually no rain. So it’s more than happiness at stake!

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                    2. Oh, no… I get that, Janet, just trying to make you feel a little better about it, if that’s possible. Can’t do much about it though, apart from hope for rain. And if I could, I’d send some your way. 🙂

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