Three little goslings

Sitting in a row

Get the camera ready

And watch one of them go!

The latest goose family made an appearance today. The mother, or father, one of them, gave me a warning hiss as I approached, but soon settled when I said a friendly hello and sat down near them.

They were there for a good few minutes before they all, simultaneously, and without communication, stood up and waddled into the water.

It was then that I got up and continued with my walk.

This is a test post from the app on my mobilius phoneus, which, if it works, may prove quite useful for some of my live posts. Well, stranger things have happened…

20 thoughts

  1. OMG!!!!! I love them. So precious and fluffy. Mommy is quite attentive with that observing eye she has! You must have had telephoto on your camera or else she is very trusting….VK 🙂

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        1. Possibly! 🙂
          I got even closer to them yesterday, well, they to me. They were chomping away at the grass and chomped all the way up to me, and then one of the adults charged away another incoming goose who was nowhere near as close. I think they like me! 😊
          Love being so close to Nature!

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  2. Oh Tom, I love these birds, especially the little ones. We have lots of Egyptian Geese about, although it’s the wrong time of year for babies just know.
    Looks like the old mobilius did the trick nicely 🙂

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    1. It comes in handy, Chris! I’ll be looking into getting a new one soon, so the camera may be even better… we’ll see!
      But the baby birds are lovely! There are two geese families on the Lake now, the other one is slightly older. No ducklings yet though… 🐣

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