A bit of a late start.

I don’t want another month to go by where I haven’t had at least one photo for Becky’s Squares. This time around, Becky’s theme is Bright, and my photo is of the bright sky reflected through the ripples in the Lake as Mrs Tufty elegantly swam by.

The photo is square… although the blog theme seems to have other ideas about displaying my photos… hopefully you will too see it in the square format.

I’m also posting this for Six Word Saturday, where no birds have been harmed in the post’s creation. Visit both Becky’s site and Debbie’s (6WS) on their respective links to see more.

21 thoughts

    1. Sorry, VK… and thanks! Yes, you’re right. I really need to work on my titles. This was originally going to be called ‘A bit of a late start’, the first line, but I had a last minute flash of inspiration as I was responding to two challenges… and I’m sure both Tufty and Mrs Tufty are fine with their Tuftylings, wherever they are. 🙂


    1. Me too, as you can probably tell, Eugenia (regarding the ducks!)
      I format my posts in Open Live Writer before publishing them, but now with the block editor they need a little tweaking there as well, so that may explain things. I had a quick look at Lunapic the other day.

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