Yes! It’s my birthday today. I’m 24. I’ve been 24 for a while. I haven’t aged since reaching 24. 24 seems to be my magic number. Actually, it isn’t, it’s 4, or maybe 7… and some people say I haven’t aged since reaching either of those years. But hey! Age is just a number, right? If I’m not bothered how old I am, I really think nobody else should be either.

Last year was a bit of a shocker, wasn’t it? Hopefully, this year, things will get better.

One important thing we must take from this is that the years themselves shouldn’t matter… but the days within those years should. Each great day after the next should build up to a fantastic year of memories and experiences. Even if we can’t do anything, go anywhere, see anyone, we can still do things for ourselves within those limitations.

Imagination is key to this… and with imagination absolutely anything is possible. My imagination takes me to places even I couldn’t have dreamed of. So there in itself is proof that out of nothing anything can emerge.

Imagine a year of fabulous anythings. 365 fabulous anythings. 365 ways to Feel Good every single day. Broken down like that, it isn’t such a big task either.

So what if I’m 24 again?! Each new year starts every day anyway, so if we just stop counting and start doing, our time on this planet will be filled with greatness. And imagine that!

Ask your Inner 4-year-old… your Inner 7-year-old… your Inner 24-year-old what would they like to do… and do it! Have fun.

Bring light and laughter into your world, and watch it spread all around. See faces lighten up. Smiles broaden. Even if only through your own mind’s eye, your positivity will alter the Universe permanently.

A brighter today. A better tomorrow – when the new year starts again.

Happy New Year!

(Also posted for Six Word Saturday!)

23 thoughts

  1. Happy birthday, Tom! I detect a spring in your ever-youthful step 🙂 and here’s the thing, such wise words from one so young. Here’s to positivity! Here’s to wearing a smile on our faces and carrying a song in our hearts. Let’s live in the moment and make every day matter. Well said, my friend, well said!

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    1. Thank you, Chris. Well, Spring is springing here, so why not? We have to keep moving forward positively so doing it daily will help.
      Enjoy your weekend!

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  2. Happy birthday my friend. No I’m not 24 ,,,thankfully,…and will claim my real years because I have earned each and every one of them …..every silver hair on my head I worked hard for. LOL

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  3. Welcome to 24 again, Tom. My birthday is Monday so time to celebrate. Even in a year like this one there are many blessings, things to be thankful for and things to enjoy. I’m glad you’re finding them.


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    1. Thanks again, Diane! Being 24’s fun and all, but when I have to give my ‘official’ age, officially, it takes me a while to remember. I must be getting older! (And is it wrong to be bothered by just how often I am asked for my age??? hmmm… that’s something to ponder.)

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