Somebody visited my blog today and went to my contact form to leave feedback for me.

Apparently, they said, I’ve misspelled ‘isnt’ on my website. Silly mistakes can ruin your site’s credibility, they said.

I only found their comment in my feedback’s spam section, otherwise I’d have missed this piece of essential advice. As I very often misspell words, sometimes deliberately, I wonder just how long it took them to find ‘isnt’, and what they must’ve thought of some of my other posts… especially the ones featuring the adventures of Gemevere Inxlsis.

My site’s my site; typos, mistakes and all. It’s intended to be fun; a place of incredibility. If you’re looking for credibility, there are many more sites you can go and visit. Life’s far too short to be so serious.

Be an Angel and lighten up!

And blow a raspberry while you’re at it!

19 thoughts on “Isnt

  1. Really? With the entire world on fire and melting to the ground, someone points out a misspelling as being worthy of our awareness or else we can’t trust your blog? Makes me both laugh hysterically and cry loudly as those minds are still so asleep and and unaware it’s frightening….Keep on TL…Warts and all…..VK 🙂

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  2. Hooray for blowing raspberries at spammers! I liked it a lot better when the spammers mushed and gushed over how wonderful my site was – this new breed of insulting spammers isn’t nearly as much fun. (Or would that be ‘isnt’?) 😉

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