It’s October. Already.

And October means, as well as Halloween month, it’s also time for Becky’s KindaSquare challenge. That doesn’t mean the photos have to be kinda square… oh,no! They have to be totally square! That’s the key part of these challenges from Becky. This month, she’s asking for square photographs of anything that encapsulate the word ‘kind’.

So, on the first day, I have three photos to offer. The first is kinda fuzzy:

I’d have preferred it not being fuzzy, but it’s a mobile phone photo zoomed in to just on the point of pixilation. Do you have any idea what it is? The second photo may give a clue, although it is kinda blurry:

Is it any clearer yet? The clear bits may help a little more than the blurry bits. Do you think it looks kinda mossy? That’s what it is! A clump of moss I spotted on the ground. I like that kinda thing for photo opportunities, so I grabbed a quick photo.

Visit Becky’s site for more KindaSquares. The link is above!

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