The Slipstream

Stars that aren’t stars
And things that aren’t things
Dreams that aren’t real
And voids closed off for exploration
Abstract anomalies
Absurd realities
Invasive thoughts
And hidden agendas
Buried truths and obvious lies
Misleading facts
And doubts amplified by their own echoes
Slip down the rabbit hole
Ride the streams of consciousness and see where you end up
And possibly answers
Possible answers
Clouded amidst turmoil, swirling, bobbing
Is what you know what you know?

Now back to reality.

6 thoughts

  1. What in heavens name is actually reality anymore? If our thoughts are born out of someone else’s thoughts telling us to think this way then what are our thoughts? Where does the illusion end or begin? Nobody is truly thinking their own thoughts such as we had as a baby, unobstructed by family or social dynamics. We think the way we were taught to think and about what we were thought to think about. Children are born innocent and pure and over a life time their thoughts are corroded by herd mentality. Seems like a no win situation to me right from the start…Sigh…Be well….VK 🙂

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  2. Creating my own version of reality right now dear Tom… Mainly out in nature’s garden… As I try to see things from the nutural side…. Great poem and may we all slip into the Unity Consciousness slipstream.. VERY Soon… ❤

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    1. We’ve been pulled from one extreme to another, Sue. Such a jolt is bound to have an effect on all of our realities. Time to lay those new foundations at least, methinks! 🙂

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