Midday at the Oasis

Shelter from a white hot Sun

Few leaves of green over miles of sand
Blue skies overhead
Bask in the seclusion of the Hidden Place
Feel safe in the cooler shade
Escape from the meanness of the surrounding day

Always find your Oasis

6 responses to “Midday at the Oasis”

  1. CMStewart avatar

    Very inviting… but what happens at midnight at the oasis? 😉

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    1. Tom avatar

      There may be a follow-up post, CM! 😁

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  2. Beth Younker avatar

    Lordy, I would LOVE to be in an oasis now, with warm sun and palm trees. Add in the ocean waves and I’d be in heaven. Alas, I’m landlocked, in the frozen tundra of the midwestern US, with fresh fallen snow, sleet and ice.

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    1. Tom avatar

      Ah, but, Beth, it will soon be Spring.


  3. Elaine avatar

    Looks idyllic ☺️

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    1. Tom avatar

      Nice in the shade, Elaine.

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