Through turbulence there’s stillness
Through time there’s reflection
Through distance there’s clarity
Through life there’s creation
Through confusion there’s thought
And through every moment there is a new beginning.

20 thoughts

  1. Great meditation, and picture, Tom. 🙂 While looking at the reflection of the trees on the still water’s surface, I realized the last words of each line are linked the way the two main words of each line are linked… stillness brings reflection…

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  2. Beautifully scripted Tom.. and that artwork just beautiful.. Do you have to buy a special digital art programme to produce such amazing results…?? just curious… I have been busy with watercolour and Ink this past few weeks… And no attempts I could ever make on paper could replicate such magic you produce here dear Tom.. Thank you for sharing 🙂 And hope you Sunday is a peaceful one..

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    1. Thanks again, Sue… I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend.
      These landscape images are created in a program called ‘Bryce’, which used to be available for free but there is now a small charge for it. It’s a bit like creating a collage out of the available tools, adding textures and materials, and then bringing everything together. It’s fun and all sorts of fantastical places can be created quite quickly. The hand-painted creations need more time spending on them, so would have more care from beginning to end, I feel, but however the images are created it’s all good. Creation comes in many ways! 🎨🙂

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              1. It does Tom… At the moment I am juggling the allotment, home garden. wanting to read and finish a book wanting to paint more of my watercolour, wanting to knit a new pattern I bought! 🙂 and wanting to blog… This moment in time answering comments is taking priority.. LoL..
                Time!!.. they say is an illusion… But I could do with magicking a few more hours a day … I wonder just how did I fit in a full time Job! before I retired.. As all of those things still got done…
                I think maybe I have lost my TIME Management Skills… lol.. As I just float about my day from one thing to the next when the whim takes me… BLISS!!!!!…. lol….
                Big Smiles…. Have a great Day Tom.. the Sun is shining between swiftly passing clouds this very windy day.. ❤ 🙂

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                1. Yes, it does look like a lovely day today, Sue. Enjoy!
                  There’s always something else that needs doing – I always say it will get done eventually… there’s no rushing then! 😊

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