This is Tom. Well, it isn’t Tom, but it’s Tom in Tom’s mind. Tom’s busy mind. Sometimes, it’s best just to let the mind go. Clear itself and be clear.

This is Thomasina. Thomasina is Tom’s Inner Woman. She shares the same mind space as Tom in Tom’s mind. She looks absolutely nothing like Tom. Neither does Tom (in Tom’s mind).

This is Tombie. Tombie is Tom’s Inner Zombie. He fills the empty mind space which is part of the space shared by Tom in Tom’s mind. And Thomasina. Already the mind space is very cluttered, and very much in need of some space. And peace.

Tom’s mind space is also shared by Tom’s Inner Leader of the Opposition. This is he. Tom’s Inner Leader of the Opposition has lots to say about everything. Even this rubbish post. He always opposes everything.

aDN THis is Fnigers, Toms’ INner Tpyist. Fangers isnt scene veyr often, btu is estr===xtreemly noticiable when he mkaes and appearance.

Tom, this Tom, not those Toms, has released those Toms, so this Tom can have a moment’s peace.


Just see that tumbleweed.


24 thoughts

  1. Thomasina… I remember the film from my childhood and then I read the book… I am a cat lover you know this.. anyway, you made me smile too dear Tom, Thank you, Love, nia

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  2. Tom and his inner cohort seem to have some striking similarities, methinks. Or is it my inner me seeing what it wants to see 🧐🤡😳😖😝🙄🤔

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  3. It’s a busy place inside your head! It was fun to finally meet everybody ‘face to face’. (Except Fingers wasn’t technically a ‘face’. And I was surprised how docile Fingers looked – must have been behaving especially for the photo!) 😉

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