Dark skies lit by lightning bright
City lights slighted by foreboding sight
Dweller’s fright blights their night
As Ragnarök’s fight takes flight
Icy winds bite and show their might
Streaks of white at differing heights
Clatter with spite as they strike and smite
And Norse Gods reveal their plight
The End and The Beginning, all unite
For Ragnarøkkr; the Gods’ Twilight

Hélène has provided the above dramatic image for this week’s What Do You See? challenge. It took me back to the days of Norse Mythology, and the End and the Beginning of time. Link below:

Weekly challenge

23 thoughts

  1. A beautiful poetic rendition of Norse Mythology, Tom. The end and the beginning, you wrote an absolutely magnificent poem. Thank you!

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  2. That’s a beautiful photo, I saw lightening like this in Las Vegas many years ago but the hotel windows were so dirty that’s I couldn’t get any decent photos. It was amazing to see though, nature at its best.

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    1. It is a dramatic photo, Claire, isn’t it?
      I saw lightning when it was snowing once – that felt surreal. Mind you, nature’s fabulous whatever’s going on.

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      1. Lightening on snow sounds very strange. I’m not so keen on nature when it’s destroying my allotment and crops, or raining when on holiday (like now) but it can be stunning.

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        1. The ‘bad’ side is just there so we appreciate the ‘good’ side all the more! 😀 That’s what I tell myself when the weather’s doing the total opposite to what I feel it should be doing.

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