But it’s all time, isn’t it?

As it’s March again already, Becky has a new SQUARES challenge: SPIKY SQUARES.

I’m not prickly about it. Well, I am a bit, as I don’t think I have any photos that spikes and the like appear in, so I’m going to have to be a little creative to get at least ONE photo for this theme.

Oh, I already have.

I’ve started a digital painting of a random terrain somewhere, with very prickly mountains… so I merely took a Square photo of the computer screen, spikes and all! Below is a screenshot  of the same theme. This one isn’t square.

I think that fits the theme.

Oh. That’s Six Words!

Yes, it’s Six Word Saturday today as well. The title refers to my blogging ‘schedule’ at present… namely the fact that it’s all over the place. But then again, there’s nothing new there. If a chart were to be created detailing the times I blog, the results will be very spiky indeed.

I shall have to see about creating one, just to see!

A Creative Six Word Saturday post.

Join both Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and Becky’s #MarchSquares using the following links:

Six Word Saturday

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