Desert sands in deserted streets
Rippled by the winds of time
Shadowlands has an added treat
As the New Moon is sublime

Echoes fade as darkness falls
Edged by a brilliant blue
Bathing deserted streets and walls
In an electric cosmic hue

From silent alleys shadows appear
Of folk who decided to stay
Forgotten folk who applaud and cheer
The magic being brought this day

As one they laugh and dance and sing
Connected, together once more
The halo, corona, brilliant ring
Brings tears and rapturous applause

Within minutes the show comes to an end
Silence and dust settles all around
Strangers once again lose their friends
And their loneliness is found

Shadows leave those deserted streets
Crumbling bricks and dusty floors
With hopes of another miraculous treat
And the chance of opening doors

D Wallace Peach of Myths of the Mirror has provided the challenge to write something about the above image. I started writing, not knowing where I was going with this, but then it all seemed to come together. Shadowlands is a place within all of us, although not as apparent in some as it is in others. A simple smile can be like an eclipse to one of those ‘Shadow Folk’, just hoping to feel the magic of connection.

35 thoughts

  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful poem, Tom. It’s got a dreamy magical quality, and the insight that you added at the end makes it even richer. I’m going to line it up to share. I’m so honored that you took up the prompt!

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    1. Thanks, Sue.
      The image is one from Pixabay that Diana, the lady who set the challenge, found and shared. It is a good one, though. I like it.
      I’ve not finished with the blog’s theme, so it may be different again the next time you visit – you know what I’m like! 😀
      Take care yourself, Sue – I hope you’re having a fabulous Sunday!

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            1. 😀 Pesky words! There should have been a ‘than’ in there, but it decided to hide, completely changing the reply. I think you got what I meant though!

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  2. Well done! An interesting imagining of the city; inhabited, but each one isolated, until something like this brings them together.

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