Following on from the success of last week’s Elevensies challenge, this week I am setting a different Wednesday Challenge. It’s the…

It’s actually the ‘Find-A-Word’ Challenge, but the graphics team couldn’t find the A for some reason. I mean to say, I can see it from here.

The rules to this challenge are easy. Find as many words as you like from the letters provided in the no-expense-spared(!) graphic below (you can even use the letters more than once!), and then use those words in your blog post  – in whichever format you like. Publish your post on your own blog and link back to this post. I’ll sort out the links later.

This challenge is open until midnight UK time on Tuesday 5th March. And yes, I did have to double-check the date. Can you believe it? Already??

OK. This week’s letters are…

As an extra challenge, you could only use words made up from letters that touch each other in the grid, for example you could have J-A-C-K as a word, letters touch diagonally up from the bottom left corner, but you couldn’t use J-O-C-K as not all of the letters are beside each other in the grid. This is an option, however, and not a requirement.

Importantly, have fun!

I will post my entry later in the week.

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