The Great Moon Palace
Glistens in the Winter Snow
Cutting through the dark

After the journey
Crook lit and cloak protected
It’s good to be home

Winter still holds us
But soon the season will pass
As Spring’s thaw arrives

The Great Moon Palace
Will welcome the Summer Sun
And stand in the Light

Weekly challenge

Hélène has once again provided another fabulous image for her ‘What Do You See’ challenge. I’ve added a link to her post in the badge above, so you can read more takes on this prompt, should you so desire!

17 thoughts

  1. Good one TL…Great words and I love the picture! I keep waiting for spring but at 6 below zero again tonight I’m finding it hard to remain optimistic…It’s been a very long, cold winter that won’t be forgotten anytime soon…Come on spring!!! VK 🙂

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    1. Our plants and wildlife (and us!) here have been thinking it’s Spring already, VK. We’ve had unseasonably high temperatures last week… the hottest February since records began. The nights, to me, have felt Summer-like. It’s been most odd. We are now due to be battered by Storm Freya, so my, how things change! 😀

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  2. Looking forward to the Sun here too, minus -21 Celsius here today.
    Thank you for this optimistic poem, winter cold will meld with the sun, summer presiding.

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    1. I think we are now having the seasons all in one day, Eugenia.
      We’ve just had a spell of hot weather (that triggered wild fires – in February!) but now we are back to the wet an cold.


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