One of Tufty’s relatives has been making a bit of a splash down in Australia of late, being the first ever Tufted Duck to visit the land. Bird-watchers are in a flutter.

They should really have called by this blog; there are literally hundreds of thousands of Tufty photos dotted all about the place. One more shouldn’t make a difference.

Tufty hasn’t been by the Lake for quite a while now, and if Tufty has ventured to the Land Down Under, then good for him… although I have a feeling it is a distant relative that has moved there…

A Quacking Six Word Saturday post.
(Although Tufted Ducks make more of a purring sound than a quack)

Six Word Saturday

The above button links to Debbie’s site, who graciously hosts Six Word Saturday.

14 thoughts

    1. Well, sort of purring, Becky. A sped up Raven-type of purring.
      Let’s see if this works:

      Ah good! It works… found the video on You Tube.
      It definitely isn’t a quack! 😀

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    1. I think I can, VK, although they are very similar to each other they do have subtle differences. Tufty’s ‘ponytail’ for example is really short! The photo is Tufty… the one in Australia I don’t think so! 😀 It would be cool if it was though!

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    1. Thanks, Diane – yes, I had to call upon Tufty once again.
      I’m not finished with the blog’s theme yet… I still haven’t found the right one. (Can you believe it after all this time?)


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