Genre: Mystery; Romance; Comedy

The museum curator was puzzled.
She hadn’t been sent a red rose since her school days, but in all honesty, at this time of her life, she was prepared to accept one from anyone –  anyone apart from Clammy-Hand Colin that was, big clumsy oaf that he was.
And the note intrigued her too.
“Meet me at the butterfly house after dark”, it read, “And bring a broom.”
Bewitched as she was by her secret admirer, she did as the note asked.
She walked around the side of the insect house, and found a trail of red roses that stretched ahead of her along the path, and into the mist in the distance.
She adjusted her glasses and squinted to see a dark, shadowy figure emerge.
She then saw that the dark, shadowy figure was sweeping.
Sweeping roses.
She had to smother her laughter as the figure promptly slipped on one of the wet stems, steadied himself with his broom, slipped down the handle and fell face first into the petals.
“Colin!” she thought, “He never gives up!”

13 thoughts

    1. PS Have you ever pondered changing your website colours again? I am finding I am struggling more and more to read the yellow on black and so tend to read in the emails, and then I forget to visit and leave comments which I hate doing as I love what you write.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry about that, Becky.
        I’ve altered the blog’s background colour to be white again, for now, and have enabled the mobile theme so things may be a little clearer there.
        I myself have a problem reading the greyish text on the white background, so I know how frustrating it is! I’ll hunt around for a different theme that has a darker text colour… I always like trying out new themes!
        Thanks for mentioning it, Becky.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. oh no need to apologise . . it is just me and my changing eye sight! Thank you though so much for changing for now and have fun playing with themes 🙂

          PS Is mine too light? Should I make my text darker?


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