Elsie Carr, Superstar

She first found fame aged eighteen, playing raven-haired superbitch Mulwinnie White in the hit late-seventies early-eighties supersoap, Salad. The overly glamourous day-to-day goings on in the cut-throat world of lettuce cultivation proved an overnight success for the majority of the stars. By the age of thirty, Elsie had been divorced four times already, and married her fifth husband, Arnold Parr, on the day before her 31st birthday. This marriage lasted one year, during which time she went by the name of Elsie Carr-Parr. When Salad ended, Elsie had a few bit parts in various TV shows, and found a flock of new fans when she became the regular continuity announcer for Murder, She Wrote.

Nowadays, Elsie lives a quiet life working in the Post Office in a sleepy hamlet, but the glamour is still there. As is the superbitch, and she likes to let both aspects of her character out every once in a while.  She promised to be nice whilst casting her vote in my spectacular Love Referendum.

Currently, the tally stands at:

Those who vote ‘yes’ say that love is a good thing, those who say ‘no’ don’t agree. Elsie’s vote today will dramatically alter the above tally.

As part of the Referendum, contributors have been asked to supply a haiku.

Love, like grains of sand
Feels solid but drifts away
But there’s lots of sand

Elsie Carr votes: YES

Elsie Carr says: “I compared love to grains of sand because you just have to grab it, grip it, and hold on to it. If you aren’t careful, it just slips away. But if you love unconditionally, then all is fine. I’m still waiting to love unconditionally, but until that time comes, I will take love however I can get it.”

Another vote will be along tomorrow.

9 Comments on “Elsie Carr, Superstar

  1. Tom. could I have your location…sort of…I am pinpointing a world map of all the blogs I follow so my grands can see what a fun world we live in. Thanks.

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