The Love Referendum voting tally is currently level. Never in the history of mankind has a race been so closely fought. What difference would the very King of the Fae make? Read on!

The current tally, not including today’s vote is…

Love is like magic
When awakened it’s surreal
Gentle yet so strong

The King of the Fae votes: YES

The Fae King says: “How could anybody vote against love? It is the natural element that binds everything around us. It is the strength that is behind the energy to push forward through adversity. It is the understanding of all that is different. It is the quest for knowledge and betterment. It is the acknowledgement of the Higher Power. See this tiny golden sphere here? (see image) This holds enough love for generations to come, such is the strength of its power. For that reason alone I must vote that Yes, love is a good thing.”

Another vote will be cast tomorrow.

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