The Norse Goddess herself has agreed to take part in my Love Referendum. The ol’ – sorry, not so ol’ – party girl certainly has a love for love and loves all things love related… but will she vote for love or not? We shall see.

I had planned to publish the running scoreboard with each of these posts, but just to add to the surprise, the score will now increase on the next post, so for this post I will repeat yesterday’s scoreboard (if you remember Cupid voted NO. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, for the next few weeks I’m running a Love Referendum to see whether figures from history think that love is worth it or not. I’ve asked them to provide a haiku, their vote, and their reason (if they wish to share!))

I don’t do Valentine’s, and I’m not doing it this year either. Over to Freya…

Love is a power
Magical reinforcement
Of natural needs

Freya votes: YES

Freya says: “Love adds to the variety and versatility of life. It adds light to the darkest of moments, hope in the bloodiest of battles and dreams where there is otherwise nothing. Love takes many forms, sometimes pure sometimes not so, but it is free power. It can be tamed or allowed free reign, but once it has you in its grasp it can feel pleasurable and painful all at once. Embrace it, let it embrace you. Love’s magic should be cherished and shared.”

So, there we have it. Freya seems keen.

The current results of the referendum are…

More tomorrow.

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