Tufty Time!

Tufty may not be around these here parts of late, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t reminisce about him…

… just as he appears to be reminiscing about past times here.

Posted as part of Becky’s #timesquare challenge. Link below.

I’m still perched at the end of the table, with TV screens, keyboards, computers, speakers, modems, mouses, and incense  stick holders (I know!) all around me, but I’m determined to try and keep this blog going as much as I can. I’m even trying the ol’ visitin’ of other blogs – but only a couple mind, so I apologises if I haven’t got to your blog yet. I also don’t seem to be getting the half a megabyte per hour internet speeds I’m paying for right now, which kind of slows things down a little.

Ah well!

Still fun.

And time’s flying with it!!!

11 Comments on “Tufty Time!

  1. Does Tufty leave for warmer climates or does he hang around and still come out on warmer days? I bet he is in Costa Rica on the beach or something. Lucky guy! VK

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    • You’re probably right, VK.
      I believe tufted ducks either go to Iceland or come from there, but I can’t really see there being much difference… unless they like the warm volcanic pools they have over there. They do like Costa Rica too, I believe!

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  2. Lovely picture Tom.

    Yes, the birds are smart, heading for warmer climes!!! 🙂 ❤

    Merry Christmas!!! (Yes, it’s Tuesday 25th 2018!!!

    Have a great time!!!


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    • As you can probably guess, Prenin, I’m just getting round to replying now.
      My shocking’s blogging. Erm. Ah. You know what I mean…
      Thanks, Prenin.

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