Hush my child, no need to speak
Just close your eyes and do not peek
The Dream Angel cometh with dreams galore
For you to take part in and enjoy

Hush my child, and worry not
As you drift to sleep without a thought
The Dream Angel will see you on your way
Until you awake in a brand new day

Hush my child, drift sound asleep
No time for tears, no need to weep
The Dream Angel will hum the lullaby song
And you will be dreaming before…

Weekly challenge

Many thanks to Hélène for setting this challenge… the link to Willow Poetry is above.

21 thoughts

  1. Oh, Tom, this is such a fantastic poem, definitely has a lullaby rhythm to it. Perfect words for the prompt. Thanks so much for participating and sharing your inspiring poetry.
    Two sticks in music class, you can create lovely music with two sticks.

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    1. Thanks, Hélène, pleased you like it! 🙂
      Most people can make lovely music with two sticks, I agree… only I’m not one of them! Hehehe! It put me off music for life being given them to ‘play’! 😀 😉

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      1. What a shame. I had a teacher who laughed at my art when I was 8 years old. It put me off art of any kind until I tried it again when I was 60 or so. Now I paint and love it. 😊

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        1. Excellent Helene!!! 🙂 ❤

          I wrote my first book when I was 16 and my mother had an Author friend who read it and she immediately offered to get it published.

          My dad didn’t like the idea and forced me to burn the manuscript a page at a time to impress on me how crap it was (he didn’t actually READ it) before destroying my typewriter.

          I now have two books published.

          He also put in his divorce deposition that he couldn’t give my mum a large settlement as I was mentally subnormal and he’d need to look after me for some time.

          When I took an IQ test when I was 12 years old I ACED the test!!!

          As an adult I took another test and got a rated IQ of 162.

          I used to be a programmer writing commercial software for about 10 years…

          As for dad?

          He took out a mortgage of £90,000, gave mum £5,000 and told anyone who could listen that she’d taken him to the cleaners…

          He was totally evil and a closet paedophile with a sexual preference for little girls and a sadistic streak for little boys.

          We were taught from an early age not to tell tales, dad even got investigated for child abuse, but the Social Services gave our case to an untrained investigator as his first job with no Mentor to provide support.

          Needless to say dad (a very good actor) tried out his act on Uncle Bob and Aunt Olive before he went to see this guy, who put it down to a one-off event.

          He NEVER talked to any of dad’s property.

          If he had he would have seen the broken nose that has still not healed properly and the scars inside my mouth where my cheeks were torn against my teeth.

          My jaw still clicks when I chew, I have reduced hearing in my right ear after he ruptured the ear drum (amazing how the body heals) and I was left unable to father children until Momma Nature fixed one problem and surgery fixed the other.

          I had one shot at being a father, but the woman who BEGGED me to be the father of her child was only interested in charging me for a fake abortion.

          I then lost 30 years of my life and was left with paranoid schizophrenia, my mother and stepfather taking part with great enthusiasm in the persecution which is STILL ongoing because my tormentors broke so many laws that they dare not stop.

          They broke the Golden rule that the end NEVER justifies the means.

          No wonder they used up everyone around me in an increasingly desperate effort to prove me to be Gay so they can explain the injuries I suffered as a child (no guesses as to what happened).

          Paint your pictures, write a book – never forget you are a shining star!!! 🙂 ❤


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          1. Prenim thank you for your story. Many of us have been abused and called unfit and stupid. But look at us now, you are a published, you have accomplished important working positions. Noone is perfect least of all the parents who ruined their children’s lives. For all the torment and ignorance my parents put me through I have surpassed them. Though it has taken monumental inner strength on my part, I have succeded. Just as you have done thus far.
            I still have a little voice that tells me I am stupid and nothing I do is good, but this voice has almost faded by now.
            Thank you for your heart warming post. 😊❤

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            1. Hi BC!!! 🙂 ❤

              Yes: ‘Jabberweil Hunt’ (The publisher chose the name. :/ ) and ‘Songs of Angels’

              the publisher is: redmundpro.com. You can Google them, but there’s a lot to get through!!! 🙂 ❤

              IF you get to the bookstore, you can look at the Bio on the books you’ll find a picture of me (Ian M. Shaw) and a thumbnail biography! 🙂 ❤

              Ian (Prenin) Shaw.

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