Well, some you can get away with, and some you can’t. I blame having to steal time, myself.

Today’s watercolour (for #WorldWatercolorMonth) is another based on a photograph found on the wibbly wobbly web. It’s an old white stone church (if the title of this post didn’t give you a clue!)

It is a deliberately unfinished watercolour because sometimes they tend to sell for more so I can return to it at a later date to add a few more details. The shadows seem a little too faint on the church, compared to the vivid green and blue of the foliage and sky, and the lawn surrounding the church seems a bit pale. Min you, lawns everywhere are in the same state thanks to this searing (yet glorious all the same!) Sunshine we are having. And the gravestones could do with a little more work also.

But never mind all that. Warts and all, as the say!

At least I managed to get a decent photo of the painting today… it’s just a bit unfortunate that my fan caused the watercolour paper to curl up slightly at the time of taking it. It is actually a perfect rectangle wouldn’t you know?!

I’m now on five out of five. No time for anything else, but hey ho! It’s all fun!

Now, how about visiting…

…or better yet, picking up a paintbrush and getting creative yourself

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