Who says I don’t try new things? And three out of three. I’m really going for it now!

Today’s watercolour actually looks better in real life, but I’ll put that down to my cracked mobile phone. It’s an English Country Garden, with a shed.

Only, I’ve attempted to paint it Fibonacci style. Fibonacci style is a guide rather than a rule, which is handy considering I’ve gone rather skewy over by the right there, but hey ho! First attempt and all that.

As I’m trying to get as many watercolours in this month as I can, I will be having other attempts at Fibonacci art… although a new Bathroom is on the horizon, which may cause the odd plan or two to become slightly scuppered.

Well, it is #WorldWatercolorMonth after all, so why not try new things?

18 thoughts

      1. Hehehe!
        It’s the structure of how the page is divided up into squares and rectangles which are rotated around the page, and then each square/rectangle holds something about the picture. A bit techy, Beverly, too much so, I think just for art, but a good experiment!

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  1. You made me go and look up the Fibonacci style of painting, you clever fellow! I already knew about the Fibonacci sequence, but I didn’t realize it had been applied to painting composition. Very cool!

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