I’m out of whack / joint / sync.

Out of something, anyway.

Is today Monday? Or Tuesday? I mean this is Tuesday’s post, but it’s Monday. Maybe I’m early.

Or late. Maybe this post should have been posted weeks ago.

Nah. I’ve just finished creating it.

‘Splash Point’… an interpretation of a wave breaking… or something hitting the water. The Eye of the Wave, perhaps.

It’s abstract, whatever it is! Once again…

19 thoughts

    1. Not a stupid question at all, Cobs. We don’t ‘ave stupid questions ’round these parts. Well, if you’d asked is an orange green?, then – but no, not even that. I – er…
      This is a digital creation, Cobs, but one layered umpteen times. There’s so many layers on this one, I could start to actually feel the weight of it as I ‘painted’… ‘painted’, of course, being an anagram of ‘I panted’, which one would do lifting a heavy weight.

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  1. No matter when or what post I click onto when I arrive at your blog Tom.. Your posts always bring a smile.. Thank you my friend for the smiles you bring and I love your splash point whether in sync or not.. 🙂 ❤

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      1. Its true Tom.. I may not be the best of visitors here, or anywhere else much lately as other things take priority in the Spring and Summer months… But It is always a delight to read any of your wonderful posts.. Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂

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