Dear Mind,
Please, please, DO NOT play a trick on me like you did on Thursday morning. There was I feeling all nice and Fridayey, thinking ‘it’s the weekend tomorrow, la la la’; when I suddenly realised it was only Thursday and I had TWO DAYS to go. Talk about coming round with a bump! Sigh. But, mind, have a read of the next two Letters.

Dear BBC Radio 1,
I was so pleased to read recently that you are altering your whole schedule, and commencing your weekend scheduling on Friday, making the weekend become three days instead of the usual two. A fabulous idea, if I may say so. In fact, please read the next Letter.

Dear Blogland,
I have made a decision with regards to this blog. From today, with a nod to the recipient of the previous letter, Beyond the Sphere is moving to a THREE DAY WEEKEND! Outwardly, there will be no obvious signs of this change, and I still have to go to the Place of W on Friday, but that is no different to when I used to work Saturdays in my job in a previous life. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are now WEEKEND days. Would anyone in Blogland care to join me?

Dear Radio Stations,
I feel I must start listening to you, for some reason. Even for the shortest of times. When I get the time, I shall. For a short time, to start with, as I wouldn’t want to use all of my available time just listening to the radio.

Dear Friday,
You feel all the better now you have joined the ranks of the weekend days. You felt good, as it happened, when you were an ordinary day of the week, but now that you have been elevated to Weekend status, you simply feel fabulous!

Dear The Weekend,
Hurrah! Hurray! Yippee! You are here at last! So good to see you once again. And, for some reason, I have a feeling you may be appearing all the more frequently now.

Dear The Word Weekend,
I never knew that you only came into existence in the 1630s, and that your original meaning covered the time between noon on Saturday to Monday morning. I also can’t believe that you were originally just a ‘northern’ word. Well, I’m northern, and my weekend now starts on a Friday! Times are definitely changing now!

And now onto other Letters…

Dear Fingers (My Inner Typist),
Please pull your socks up. You have been typing (almost) perfectly for a while now, but today, not so much. Please do better.

Dear The Word Barmecide,
You have appeared at rather an opportune moment. Meaning illusory or disappointing, you certainly explain my Thursday morning experience perfectly.

And Finally, Dear Trees,
I haven’t had much time this week to mention Spring, but seeing your leaves beginning to appear is a sight for sore eyes, I don’t mind saying. I will say one more thing, however… bring on the greenery!

Thank you for reading,

P.S. Have I mentioned it’s the weekend?…

… well, if I haven’t, I should have done. Part of my weekend is taken up relaxing, staring at the TV, so I thought I’d share an old image of what the view would be like FROM the TV. Obviously, this one is in the week, Monday to Thursday, as I’m not there… Have a fabulous weekend, whether you have a two-dayer or a three-dayer… enjoy!

12 thoughts

  1. I like your idea for Friday to become part of the weekend – we could certainly do with three day weekends all the time, and not just when there is a Bank Holiday Monday. 🙂 Yes, you should listen to the radio more – I find that I listen to it quite a lot. Back in the UK I was listening to Classic FM most of the time, with the odd excursion into Magic or Heart. Here in California I can still listen to Classic FM via the App but I have also found a station which plays ‘Today’s Hits and Yesterday’s Favourites’ which bring back lots of memories.

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    1. With me, Elaine, it falls back to the same excuse… time. If I had the radio on whilst I was doing my other stuff, I’d find myself stopping. And possibly dancing along. I would also include singing along here, but my voice would contravene the trades description act.


  2. Yes, the weekend is here, it is now Saturday and it looks like we’re in for a shooting war.

    I’ll know more when I turn on my TV.

    Looks like the Hell that is Syria is about to get worse… 😦

    God Bless!


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