I had a surreal start on Thursday morning. I left the Mansion at my usual time (around six thirty) to go to work. The traffic was building up slowly on the roads – it wasn’t too busy but there was enough traffic so as you would know the day was getting under way. It was a grey morning, and wet with a drizzly rain. I turned a corner, and trundling the other way was a car covered in six inches of snow (I was going to say six feet, but that would have been a little of an over exaggeration – I’m not well clued up on feet and inches, but I do know one from the other!). This one car was the only vehicle covered in snow. The others – both moving and stationary – were clear. I checked the temperature – six degrees – and thought it was too warm for snow.

It obviously wasn’t too warm for snow, otherwise the snow on this one vehicle would have begun falling off it like an avalanche as it melted, but it seemed stuck solid to the car.

At the traffic lights, which were on red and meant a wait of sixty seconds or longer, I kept my eyes peeled for other snow-covered vehicles and there were none. The pavements were clear. The grass verges, hedges, walls – everything was clear. Only this one vehicle was buried beneath the snow. Most surreal.

I found out later, that the surrounding counties had had more snow flurries, and it was apparently just my little section of Cheshire that was clear.

I do like the odd mystery every now and then, but not at that time of the day!

(I didn’t have to time to take a photo of the lone snow-topped car, hence there isn’t a photo to be used for this post. Instead, I’ll use one of me pondering. I have that look quite a lot!)

A surreal Six Word Saturday post.

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  1. We have those weird micro climate things here…torrential rain ten minutes down the road at my mother’s, while it’s clear and even sunshiny at mine…I appreciate the photo – very pondery…😺💕x

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  2. Thursday was Snowday here in Vermont, too. We got about a foot, starting mid-morning. It’s tapered on and off since then, but it has not stopped since. Not supposed to stop til tomorrow night. Briefly. Maybe. Then start again & keep delivering through Wednesday PM.

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  3. Oops!!! 🙂

    As I was saying: Glad the white stuff left you alone my friend.

    According to Wayne, my food delivery driver, it reached -17’C with wind chill Wednesday of the big freeze and he ended up with wind burn on his head!

    When I went out Thursday for bread, the fluid on my eyes actually froze on the way back so I had sore eyes for three or four days!

    Since then we’ve had no snow, just a lot of rain! 🙂

    Never thought I’d be glad to see it rain! 🙂

    God Bless my friend!!! 🙂


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