Debbie’s One Word Sunday theme this week is ‘Tasty’, and I have some slightly-tweaked photos of some lovely sherbety bonbons…

The first one, is far from perfect, far from level, and far from round:

But, bonbons are bonbons, so it doesn’t matter.

The second photo is of the same three bonbons, but dramatically rearranged:

And the third photo is a combination of the lemon and strawberry bonbons:

Above, I was aiming for the fluffy, powdery feel. Below, I tried to make them more dark and gritty:

Dark and gritty, but still very tasty.

Visit Debbie’s site for more interpretations of the theme.

18 thoughts

    1. Nah, I didn’t make them, Beverly! If I had, they wouldn’t look anything like that, I can tell you! 😀
      I do like playing with the photos, however, and had a little fun with these in Photoshop Elements!

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  1. What the heck are bonbons??? Are they fluffy and light? Crispy and crackly? Are they cake inside? I’m thinking light and fluffy and cake like..That’s the feel I’m getting…Were we cooking in the mansion kitchen yesterday??? Good bonbon pix TL..If I had made them there wouldn’t probably be any left to photograph 🙂 VK

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    1. Hi VK! No, they aren’t cakes. They are a small blob of hard and then chewy caramel, coated in – erm – a bonbon coating and a dusting of fizzy flavoured (but not too strong) sherbet. They come in three colours (I think), pink which are strawberry flavoured, yellow which are lemon, and white which are… white flavoured (I actually don’t know what flavour the white ones are. Tasteless? Caramel? I dunno.) I only like the yellow and pink ones! 😀

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