Debbie’s theme for this week’s One Word Sunday is ‘Protrude’.

I’m going abstract once again – possibly even obscure… and my photo this week is of a baking tray.

A BAKING TRAY??? I hear you all ponder.

Indeed. Look:

It isn’t a normal photo of a baking tray. Oh no. It’s of the burnt on remains after something was baked on the baking tray (please don’t ask me what, because I have slept since then! Although it may have been something saucy… and burnt)

What does this have to do with the word ‘protrude’? Well, I shall tell you. It’s one of those ‘Can You See’ photos I post every now and then. In this case, can you see the face? I think it is very clear, but if not, once you notice the nose protruding from the face then it becomes all the clearer.

He, to me, looks like a Seventeenth Century portrait of some kind. He has a small moustache just under his conk, presumably there to shorten his rather large top lip. He has beady eyes, and pursed lips, as though he may be whistling. He also has long shoulder-length hair, visible over to the left of his face. He even has a monobrow, which isn’t all that clear over his right eye.

That’s what I see… maybe you see something else? Let me know!

Also, pop along to Debbie’s site where more interpretations of the theme will appear.

Before completing this post, I’ve tweaked the image somewhat to give more of an idea what I see, in case it isn’t clear. This may or may not help, but it was fun to do!

23 Comments on “Protrude

  1. You sure you didn’t paint that burnt on spill TL? Looks like one of your characters. Hmmmm? Wonder what it was telling you? Time for a new story to go with your new character? Have fun….VK 🙂

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    • I’m a hopeless cook, VK, so anything that I burn wouldn’t look like any sort of creation! 😉 😀
      But it does resemble some of my characters… maybe it was telling me to push forward!

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  2. Well, I’m glad you assisted with your clever addition to the image, Tom. And it is certainly not something i would have thought of if faced with the washing up!!

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  3. Ha! I love the way you see faces where I see only the blob. Your tweaking makes it much clearer! To me, he looks like some sixties-era rock star… maybe after indulging in one too many?

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  4. You have a vivid imagination my friend!!! 🙂

    Even the mundane becomes clearer when you speak of what’s there!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


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