It’s One Word Sunday once again, with Debbie’s theme this week being ‘Discreet

And here’s a quick shot of Jude the Cat being discreet – although her eyes are kind of giving her away!


13 Comments on “Discreet

  1. She’s got that look of “Damn, he found me!” Is she yours? She almost looks possessed with those glowing eyes.Cute little face…..Happy weekend TL…VK

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  2. Love the cat Tom! 🙂

    Wish I was allowed pets. (Sigh!)

    I was going to get a Jibo robot, but they’re only selling them in the USA and Canada at the moment… 😦

    God Bless!


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    • I do find cats are really friendly towards me, Cobs… but I’m so busy, if I were to have a cat, he or she would be alone for a lot of the time, which wouldn’t be much fun for them, I suppose…
      And thanks, Cobs. Jude is totally adorable.

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