The grainy grey in a shady January sky
Is fair game if not taken lightly
‘Though sane folk would figure out a list
Full of gravity and superstition
If they followed the gloomy train of thought.

Me? I’d rather have chicken soup and spot the silver lining.

18 thoughts

  1. My vote also goes with chicken soup and silver linings. Of course, in this part of the world January skies are blue or invisible with wet, and the regional oven is on full. Chicken soup still works in those circumstances, though.

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  2. Don’t worry my friend, soon it will be Spring and we’ll have people moaning about it being too hot!!! 🙂

    Could do with chicken soup myself!!! 😛

    God Bless!


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  3. Yes, chicken soup and a silver lining work for me. Our temps are going downhill and the next two days will be extremely cold for our area. I’m adding hot chocolate to the chicken soup and silver lining if you don’t mind. lol

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