Wordle: Still Life

The feeling of fullness from the fabulous feast has finally started to fade
No longer thinner due to binge eating (no sin) that I can’t deny
But my days of being a slick spy’s sidekick evaporated long before
Dreams dissipated
Like watching a sprinkling of snowflakes melt away to water
Forlornly but no more
The final whistle, though, hasn’t blown
There’s still life
There’s still dreams
And there’s still many a feast to be had

23 Comments on “Wordle: Still Life

          • Good to see you too Tom 🙂
            Wow I am a bit late replying but
            hey I am here now, so that’s
            something I guess. How the
            hell are you? Hoping that question
            gives you lots of thoughts, to
            pass on to me for a wicked read,
            well I only said… lol

            Have a fun Friday Tom 🙂


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            • Late, Andro? Around here? Never!!!
              I’m fine, thanks for asking. Just plodding along as usual. The main question is how are you? Returning to Blogland, I hope to see you soon in the old reader! 🙂


        • After 28 years of unbelievable shit I have been told by Emily (Now 37 and mum to two kids) the only thing they had against me was I wore glasses and had a ponytail!!! 😦

          Still: Better than the alternative!!! 🙂

          I’m now taking back control of my life, kicking out the people who exploited me and even getting my meds changed which is a bloody nightmare!!! 🙂

          I had to quit going to church though: One of the parishioners has developed a crush on me and I don’t even know her name!!! LoL!!! 🙂

          God Bless!


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          • People, family or otherwise often judge without even knowing, or bothering to find out the truth first, it is called blatant ignorance my friend. Wasting time and energy on those kinds of people is just not worth it, ignorant is as ignorant does, which on both counts is not healthy. Best avoid at all costs.

            Your admirer, is she nice? Perhaps you were a little hasty in your retreat, one can have lots of wicked fun with the right kind of admirer you know? 😉

            Enjoy your Sunday Sir Prenin
            and be good, I always am 🙂


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            • Thanks Andro – good advice as always! 🙂

              My ‘Admirer’ is a little, grey haired old lady who is looking for a replacement partner!!! 🙂

              She’s ill like me, but is chasing me based only on a hug and a bit of sympathy, 😦

              You have fun too my friend – you were missed!!! 🙂

              God Bless!


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  1. Cooo, well done! I would have said “what a rotten set of words” and probably given in before I’d really got started. You, however, are made of sterner stuff and don’t allow anything to put you off. Very well done sir! ~ C. 😀

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