Halloween at Mystic Springs: The View from the Back of the Shed

‘Ey, kid… it’s good to see you back ‘ere.

Now, it’s our boatman’s turn to post. Over to you, Sydney Feelgood…

Thanks Agnes. I’ve had a lock off camera placed at the back of my shed for a few weeks now, just taking a photo every now and then. Being a boatman, I do like to see a nice quality grain, and there’s one particular section of the shed that provides a good view of that, in all weathers. I’ve chosen just four photos to share, as I’m fully aware that photos of wood panels may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the differences in different weathers is outstanding.

This first photo is from early morning, after a dry night. As you can see, the wood is very dry. I quite like the knots in the wood, as they all look like eyes. At night, they must be reflecting light from somewhere as some of them actually glow! Luckily, all of these photos are from the daytime. I know it’s Halloween, but sometimes things like that can be just a little too spooky.

This second photo is from later that same day. The sun is trying to break through the clouds, giving the wood a subtle pinkish tinge. If you look down the right-hand side of the picture, especially toward the bottom few panels, strange faces appear to be peering out from the wood.

The sun finally came out for this third photo. The odd orbs are actually reflected sunlight off the fishpond that’s over on the other side of the garden. I have a couple of gnomes around the fishpond which I’m sure come alive at night. They are always in a different place the following morning.

And finally, this fourth photo is my favourite. Just after a torrential downpour of rain, the wood now appears a rich golden colour. Being a boatman, obviously I like the look and feel of wet wood, and there is something comforting about the damp and fresh smell that the wood gives off. Not that I actually physically sniff the wood; the aroma just permeates the air.

I hope you enjoyed these views from the back of my shed. I’m planning on another series of photos of the rocks around the pond, which I’ll create as soon as I get another lock off camera.

Thank you for calling by… Happy Halloween!

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