Halloween at Mystic Springs: More about Mystic Springs

By ‘eck kid, you’re back earlier than I thought you would be. Did you have a good time at the Grumbellses? They love to throw a party, they do. I love the warm feeling I get from their house. Such a nice family… and Archie is such a cheeky little chappy.

Amy Brock from number eleven’s here in the lounge, and she’s brought Audrey Fothergill with ‘er. They’re both good friends of mine, and Amy loves gettin’ involved with things. She did some research about Mystic Springs and would like to share it tonight.

It all began on a cloudy, stormy night, around this time of the year, funnily enough. Amy will take it from ‘ere…

Mystic Springs, or Mystiske Fjærer for its traditional Norwegian translation, or Myrkr Vǫtnin if you’d like to know its ancient Norse name, is an island hidden within the estuary of the River Mersey in North West England. It exists in a realm of its own, reachable only by boat made from wood enchanted by the very Earth in which Frigg lives. Some say Mystic Springs is actually an element of that Earth, a gateway between worlds if you like, but the only gateway we residents have seen is the mist-like barrier that separates our existence from the outside world. It seems ships simply pass straight through us, if they happen to be travelling in the same space that we occupy.

The island does move, although the time it takes to travel from mainland UK to here is always the same, due to the attuned wood in the Myrkrskúta (A skúta is a small boat). So with the island’s movement, we can be over by Iceland one day and experiencing the majesty of the Northern Lights, or down by Denmark the next. We can only travel between Mystic Springs and the UK, however, but from there we can explore the rest of the outer world if we so desire.

We have many Rune symbols etched into the trees on the island, some of which are completely unique to the symbols that exist today in the outside world, and the meaning of our symbols is currently lost. We are trying to research them and find similarities with existing Runes, but occasionally, like the island changing location, the Runes change shape.

To me, this indicates that they are fluid in nature, so any meaning we attribute to them must only be flexible. A symbol of a circle, we understand, represents time. Both the Sun and Moon are circular in shape, so we wouldn’t know if the circle represents day or night, but we do know it represents time. Any time. Another Rune we are seeing is eye-shaped, so we must think of this as vision… sight, thought, inspiration, knowing – not just seeing.

There has only ever been one settlement on Mystic Springs. From the early days, residents lived in one particular area, The Fell (which means hill), but since the beginning of the twentieth century we moved into the street. We have no vehicles on the island, apart from carts and the skúta, and all our supplies are obtained daily by the owner of the local store on the corner. There were plans to expand the town in the 1950s, hence the shop being on the corner, but in the end we residents decided to keep things as they are. We currently have no further plans for expansion.

Our weather here is fabulous all year around, but between Halloween and March 1st our days are a lot shorter than that of elsewhere. It is during these dark days that we hold beach parties and bonfires to honour and celebrate the island that we live on.

We are friendly people, and welcome any visitor at any time of the year, but with only one way in and out, entrance, and exit is by invitation only… but the mists around the island also protest us. If they deem a visitor ‘not suitable’, the island will remain hidden and the skúta will automatically turn itself around and head back to the mainland. In such instances, the boatman is automatically attuned to the island itself and will disappear in front of the visitor’s very eyes. Once back on land, the skúta will do the same.

We are a small island, both and neither part of the UK mainland, but we are a magical, mystical lot. There’s a lot more to us and the island, but that will have to wait for another time. We like it here, and are honoured that you have chosen to visit us today.

Happy Halloween to you… and may you continue to enjoy your stay.

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