ATC: Pixie

This is the final ATC in my Mythical Beings and Imaginary Friends series; nine seems to be the magic number with these little creations – I did the same number with my baby animal series earlier in the year. This time, my focus is on the little folk… the Pixies. I don’t think they are much taller than an Artist’s Trading Card, an artistic creation that measure 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches… so my pixie in this image could actually be drawn to scale!

Pixies are mischievous, playful and childlike souls who like to sing and dance and party well into the night. They draw energies from stone circles, and my pixie is posing in front of a couple of stones in a hidden circular henge somewhere within the English countryside. They are normally raggedy little creatures, who wear hastily stitched together cloths as clothing (or nothing at all!), but are known to ditch those rags as soon as a far more better set of clothes comes along. I think my pixie is showing off his new threads.

They love animals, especially horses, and could ride them all night long if they could, plaiting and playing with their manes as they go. Obviously, there is a lot of space on a single horse for many pixies, so that’s a lot of ringlets to untangle the following morning!

Once again, this ATC was created using pastels, gel pens, and gold and silver markers.

And here is the completed collection. Some better than others, but all have been fun to create!


14 Comments on “ATC: Pixie

  1. Lovely little chap … although he reminds me somewhat of an authority type of thing.

    I think out of the 9 ATC’s in this series, my favourite is still the horse – or Kelpie. It’s just beautiful Tom.
    But well done on all of them. All different, but all very worthy.
    ~ Cobs.

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    • Thanks, Cobs. I think he may be in charge just for today. I can’t see them being all that structured, them pixies!
      Thanks, for introducing me to the ATC concept… I really enjoy creating them, and in my next series I’m planning on branching out a little… using a dab of glue and whatnot! I like the kelpie as well… it turned out far better than I thought it would.

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      • I would LOVE to see you branch out, as I feared you were getting stuck and kinda comfortable in the situation you had going on and that I was to blame for that. Eeeek!

        A dab of glue and a bit of whatnot is something I shall very much look forward to.

        I knew you’d like creating with ATC size.
        Squidges ~ C. x

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