Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Colourful’. I’ve photographed the colourful Seedlings quite a lot recently, so I shall give them a rest this weekend, and instead focus on my colourful crystal collection. I couldn’t decide on one photo for this week, usually can’t being honest, so I’ve selected a few. A good scattering of colour for a cheerful Sunday!

The first image – well, most of them, actually! – features my crystals, candles, coins, Angel and a couple of Angel Feathers rather spaced out a little.

The second is a view from above. Randomly arranged within a ring of ribbons (different colours, of course!)

A slightly different angle for photo number three.

I’ve gathered everything together for the fourth photo, took away the feathers and brought in my Clear Quartz Pendulum.

I like how something colourless still brings in its own version of colour.

Have I ever mentioned that I like colour? I love colour.

Subtle or bold, it doesn’t matter.

And even the perceived colours in a black and white photograph are fascinating as well.

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      1. It looked like selenite to me in the photo. I have both. Opalite has the soft pastel colours similar to white opal without the sheen. Selenite has a pearlescent sheen to it when polished. Opalite resonates strongly with the fae folk. Selenite has a very powerful spiritual vibration – white light 🙂

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    1. There are lots of crystals and stones out there, Prenin, I only know a few of them, but I own a guide where I can find details about the others if I need it. Broad horizons lead to good opportunities, so keep broadening! 😀

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