A wet Saturday today. Ah, well!

As always… good for the plants.

Posted for Six Word Saturday. This week, I did twelve. I’m such a rebel!


    1. That’s what the dry spells are for, Jo!
      I took shelter under some trees whilst out in a shower the other day… they kept me dry, until the rain stopped – and then the water dripping out of the trees soaked me!


  1. Sunny here this morning, but….it’s Vermont. Wait a minute; the weather will change. Forecasts are impossible as it all depends on which side of the hill you’re on, and how high up. Oy

    Love the artwork!!

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  2. Rebel on TL…We need that these days. America is imploding right now and wow, not a fun place to be. Insanity prevails these days. The plants love the rain and so do our spirits. A good time to kick back and just be with yourself. We all need to take a deep breath and rest a while… Have a happy! VK 🙂

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