Celestial and Spiritual Openings

Just a quick post today to mark the opening of the Lionsgate Portal, due to the alignment of the Sun, the Earth, Sirius and the Centre of the Milky Way. Cosmic energies are cascading all around us now, bringing in the opportunities for new changes, if we are willing to make or accept them, and an enhanced chance to rid ourselves of some that negative energy we tend to acquire. I say we, I mean I.

I’ve been very open to receiving these energies today, and I must admit I have felt a little different. A lot calmer.

I’ve set my mind on finding missing documents which I haven’t seen for years – and have done so! With ease, I must add… I just followed a ‘hunch’ as to where to look, moved a few things and there they were.

This alignment happens every year, but it has extra significance this year because of the connection to infinity, or rather the number 8. The date 08/08/17 makes up three 8s. 888 signifies abundance and balance… so with an opening to change it’s serving as a good reminder to start reassessing what is still needed and what isn’t.

Onward and upward!

And to finish, here’s a quick photo taken in the Grinds this morning, just after Sunrise. Well, quite a bit after, but it was still morning!

The image has been tweaked slightly with the nifty mobile phone picture-tweaky thing, but here’s the original:

And a slightly different view:

Happy openings!

12 thoughts on “Celestial and Spiritual Openings

  1. The fir trees must be beautiful in the snow.
    This has been a somber, very slow and quite day here. Things that happened a year ago were very fresh on my mind and when the phone chimed for some unknown reason at 7am the dam broke . Relief.

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    • We don’t tend to get much snow around these here parts, Beverly. We live in a strange microclimate which is, or always seems to be, different to the rest of the UK.
      Always better out than in. Just look after yourself and take it easy.

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    • Nope… the portal is open for a few days, until the 12th or 14th August… it opened yesterday. Energies are pouring through constantly, so your bound out of bed was probably still linked, Becky! 😀

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  2. Love how you play with light Tom – I plan on taking some shots of my day when I next go shopping.

    Getting up in the morning will be a problem though!

    I’m trying to rearrange my sleep pattern by messing with my meds, so by next week I could be facing insomnia… 😦

    God Bless!


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