…Or International Man of Mystery Part III

Not long to go now, before we reach the end,
So please stay with me, my patient friend…

Some time shortly within the New Millennium, or after the year 2000 to make it clear, I started to visit Mind, Body and Spirit exhibitions. I’d have tarot card readings done, my aura photographed and read, ribbon readings, and I was introduced to Cosmic Ordering. And witchcraft. Well, spellcasting, which is a kind of similar thing.

Firstly, I’ll write about the spell. I bought a boxed spell from a Mind, Body and Spirit exhibition in Manchester. It was for a new job, as the company I was then working for went through a restructure, and because of my shyness and inept interview skills I was told I couldn’t do the job that I’d done for a number of years. To say I was fed up was an understatement, and I just wanted to try something different. The lady in the spell stall asked if I wanted an interview spell to go with it, even though the new job spell was pretty potent on its own. I said I didn’t, and would just go with the one spell.

When I got home, I left things for a few days, but work was getting worse and worse, so one night, at the end of my tether, I opened the box and read the instructions. They went into detail of how to invoke the Goddess and the God, and open and close the circle, when to anoint and light the candle, and an incantation to read aloud as the candle burned. I did everything as instructed, and then waited in the room with the candle until it had fully burned down. Then, I closed the circle, and went to bed.

For the next couple of days in work nothing changed. It was as bad as it ever was. People were in the wrong positions, and mistakes were being made all over the place. Three days after casting my spell. I was called into a meeting with two other colleagues, and told that as a result of the company losing a multi-million pound contract because of all these changes, they needed a team to monitor what was going on, and offer help and assistance to anyone in the new teams who needed it. We were told to go away and think about it, but I made my decision there and then. This was the new job I had created for me – no interview needed.

After a couple of years of doing this job, another restructure took place and I was made redundant. I didn’t mind as I think it was, at the time, my time to go. And with the redundancy payment, I was able to take a full year out, which I fully enjoyed. At the beginning of this year off, on a celebratory night out, I met and had a good conversation with somebody who I discovered later to be a rather influential businesswoman. She told me not to take the year off, and if I needed a job, her friend owned a recruitment company, and she would be able to set me up with a job. I’d made my mind up regarding the year, but said I would keep this offer in mind. She told me the name of the agency, and her friend, if I needed to contact them.

The friends I’d made over the years gradually drifted away as I was no longer working, but that didn’t seem to bother me. Due to my shyness, I’d always liked my own company anyway, so it didn’t really matter.

Towards the end of my year out, I needed to start looking for work again. On another night out, I started chatting with somebody else who I’d met several years ago one Christmas Eve. Talk turned to work. I told him about my situation, and he told me that he worked for a recruitment agency. I knew instantly, without him telling me, it was the same one I’d been told about earlier. It was a small agency, and one that not many people had heard of. I asked him if it was this particular agency he worked for, and it was. The look on his face when I asked was quite comical; shocked and amazed at the same time… there are a lot of recruitment agencies around. I then asked if the businesswoman’s friend still worked there – and she was this guy’s director.

I made arrangements to call in, and went for a few interviews. Some I needed to lie down in a darkened room after, as I really am inept in interviews and tend to get walked all over. Interviewers are meant to bring out the best and encourage, but all the ones I go to seem to do the opposite. However, just before one interview, I decided to ask the Universe for help. I asked that I get a job, and after the interview I get a sign telling me that I had the job… the sign being a rainbow.

I had the interview. It was very comfortable. I felt relaxed. It was late on a Thursday evening. I left feeling content, walked around the corner of the building and in the sky in front of me was the biggest, brightest rainbow I had ever, and have ever, seen. I knew I had this job. On the Friday, I received the confirmation, and started the following Monday.

For part one, please click here.
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    1. The original ‘witches’ in medieval times were herbalists and healers. At the time of the witch burning trials the powers that be deemed them to be evil and condemned them to death by fire. The term ‘witch’ then came to be associated with evil and this belief has stuck in the vernacular use of the term. However, not all ‘witches’ are of the dark side. There are many white witches who do good works.

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    2. Hi Beverly, yes, I’m still in the job that the rainbow told me I’d got, and that was over ten years ago. I was made redundant from the previous one where I’d cast the spell.
      I don’t like to think of witchcraft as being a bad thing, but it is a very powerful one. And there is always the Power of Threefold (or Tenfold) Return, where what you send out comes back in multiples of three (or ten). To me, it’s all about intent, and if your intentions are good then it’s good.
      (As an aside, the spell I cast actually created more than mine and my two colleagues new jobs… it also created another two teams of three in another office, plus one who ‘floated’ between the teams – ten in all.)
      I also understand that a lot of people are uneasy around witchcraft, and my intention within this post was to highlight the ‘magical’ side of the Universe, rather than the witchcraft / spell itself. There are plenty of other ways that the Universe shares its magic with us.


  1. very cool how the universe spoke to you! Interviews are hard even for those of us who are extroverts! Are you still at that job? Do you like? Is your real name Tomlian? I’ve never heard that name before? It’s ok if it is a pseudonym – just wonder if it is or not – and you don’t have to tell your real name if its not. And is that you in the photos? If so, you look so happy and handsome, and I wouldn’t know you were shy 🙂 LOL! I think I asked more questions than commented! Sorry – that’s how I roll. You can choose to answer or not. It’s your blog! 🙂

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    1. Hi Jodi, 😀 OK… and in order…
      Interviews are the pits! Ugh. Horrible things to be subject to and go through…
      I’m still in the job that the rainbow indicated to me, I started there over ten years ago. It’s OK… to a point, but I must like some aspect of it, otherwise I’d just go (mind you, that would mean more interviews! Gah!
      Tomliam is a hybrid and a pseudonym- first and second name merged together. Tom is OK though, and it IS really my name :D. T L Merriman was going to be my serious author name, if I ever got started. Maybe not so much now.
      It is me in all of the photos in this series of posts. This post has a quick screenshot of when I appeared in Dallasty a few years ago… [whistles nonchalantly]
      And thank you. I don’t like having my photo taken nowadays, but back then it was OK. I’m still happy though. And handsome, in a diminished kind of way.
      No worries about the questions. Apart from the Dallasty one, I answered truthfully, if a little too succinctly.
      And the Dallasty job didn’t last. I hardly mention it.

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  2. And are you still happy working for the same employer today?

    or … 😀 is this the story of your alter ego? 😀

    [talking to self now, she says . . . ] . . .
    ‘No, no.’ [she scoffs] ‘That would never happen.’ . . .
    ‘or would it?’ [she questions to no one in particular]
    ‘Seriously though Cobs’ [scolding herself now] .. Would we EVER really know?
    [head tilted to one side, she furrows her brow and looks towards the ceiling, thinking …]
    ‘How likely would we be to know the true story of Mr. M?’
    [her eyes pop open wide and a smile plays around her mouth] … ‘We wouldn’t! For this is Tom Merriman, International Man of Mystery!’
    [a smile spreads across her face. The same smile she displays when she’s finally completed the childrens crossword puzzle in the Mr Tumble magazine]
    ‘A Man of Mystery would walk us down pathways that might not lead to anywhere other than back where we started.’
    [The smile spread across her face, showing her teeth, and her eye lit up. She’d solved the puzzlement which had made, for a moment, her puzzler ache]
    She knew exactly who Tom Merriman was! 😀

    Call off the search party. Puzzlement Solved!

    ok.. giggling to self here.

    GREAT series of posts Tom. 🙂
    You should dip into ‘real’ life of the Man of Mystery every now and again. Maybe every six months. I LOVE it.!
    Great post. ~ Cobs. x

    p.s. . . . don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, Merriman, or ‘M’ as some people call you. 😉

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    1. Ah, Cobs you saw through my cunning disguise, but through a mirror. This story is the true story of the alter ego of Tom Merriman, the International Man of Mystery behind the blogger. But then again, it has been written in a story format. So, does it feel true? That is the main question.
      Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm (practicing mind control…)
      I’m pleased that you are enjoying these posts. One more part to go, and then that is it for this little mini-series. Another could be planned for later in the year… stay tuned!
      And I DO like the reference to M.
      Now that’s got me thinking! 😀

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    1. It’s been fun, looking back, Raili!
      And Cosmic Ordering is really fun when everything comes together. It’s, well, if you try it, with belief and intent, I bet you will find your mouth drops opens in awe.
      Happy investigating! 😀

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  3. Sounds interesting Tom! 🙂

    Never bought a spell myself, but I was taught to do cleansing and protection spells which I used when I first moved in.

    Magic is like fire: It can be used for good or ill and can be a great comfort! 🙂

    Glad you got the interview though – it can seem strange how things work out… 🙂

    God Bless!


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