Sevens to Murgatroyd!

Over the weekend, this blog turned seven years old. Since 2010 I’ve been (mostly) posting daily doses of waffle and wonderment (and at times I do wonder what I was thinking!) but on the whole I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed (nearly) every moment of it. I’ve ‘met’ some absolutely fabulous folk through Blogland, with varied interests and thoughts, some of whom (thank you very much!) have even inspired me to take up new hobbies / interests / challenges / ways of looking and seeing things. Blogging is a different way of looking at the world, I find, and in a positive way.

I like it.

And considering my blog started out as an experiment that I was expecting to last three months I feel I haven’t done too badly. And I like that as well.

I have a cast list of characters now longer than my arm, a nice selection of blogs that I follow, and a fabulous supporting team of followers to this blog who help to gee me up when my energies are somewhat down. All, please, give yourselves a pat on the back!

I haven’t been the best follower / commenter / replier of late, but I think I am getting there – even if somewhat sporadically.

Keep on keeping on, and all that!


    1. Oh, keep on, Beverly. I’m taking a break at the minute just to regroup, but I’ll be back. And once you’re in the swing there’s no stopping! (Until a break’s needed, of course!)


    1. Ooh, thank you, Eugenia.
      I do enjoy blogging, and trying to do something a little different with each post helps with my creative process. But seven years? I wouldn’t have thought that back when I started…

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  1. Congrats TL….Glad blogging has been a positive experience for you. I think it is for most of us….You meet so many amazing folks you never would have known. Creatures too 🙂 Carry on my friend….And thank you! VK

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